STREET PROGRAM (2016-2020)

   (Note: 2017 Numbers Reflect the Awarded Contract Amount)  
2017 Reeves Drive (All) - Resurfacing $147,036.52
  Werner (Lorup to Bend) - Resurfacing $18,010.50
  Kentucky - Resurfacing $39,888.33
  Olivia (Highland to Lorup) - Resurfacing $56,341.74
  Lorup Ave (Kyles to Highland) - Resurfacing $126,873.03
  Mt. Vernon (Beaumont to Beacon Hill) - Resurfacing $103,566.59
  Valley View (Spot Repairs) $35,473.29
  TOTAL $527,190.00
2018 Edna Lane (Roadway) - Reconstruction $320,000.00
  Edna Lane (Storm) - $500,000 total cost 50% to SD1 $250,000.00
  TOTAL $570,000.00
2019 High Point Drive - Reconstruction $71,000.00
  Stony Point - Reconstruction $81,000.00
  Peck Drive - Reconstruction $167,000.00
  Helen Ruth - Reconstruction $253,000.00
  TOTAL $572,000.00
2020 Christine - Reconstruction $80,000.00
  Rivard Drive - A (Kennedy to Highview) - Reconstruction $158,000.00
  Rivard Drive - B (Highview to Dixie) - Reconstruction $209,000.00
  Ridgemont - Reconstruction $155,000.00
  TOTAL $602,000.00
  Other Reconstruction Candidates  
  Hazelwood $361,000.00
  Birchwood $188,000.00
  Other Resurfacing Candidates  
  Farell (Kyles Lane to End of City Maintenance) $28,000.00
  Kyles Place $14,000.00
  E. Henry Clay (Kyles to Henry Clay Ct) $90,000.00
  Barrington Road - B (Park to End) $45,000.00
  Morris Road - A (Amsterdam to Howard) $68,000.00
  Howard Road (Barrington to Morris) $30,000.00
  Old Horsebranch (All) $22,000.00
  Old KY 17 (Madison Pike to City Line) $223,000.00
  Kennedy (Kyles to Rosa) $223,000.00


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