What are the office hours?

Currently they are 7:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.


Are there any Saturday hours?

Some limited hours and access may be offered during December, for the purpose of paying tax bills.


When are Tax Bills due?

December 31st, each year.


Who do I call to have trash service started?

Trash and recycling will automatically be picked up.  Set it out on the assigned day.  The Waste Fee is added to your tax bill at the end of the year.


Who is our trash collection company?

Rumpke of Northern Kentucky 859-472-7339

Recycling is handled through the Rumpke office in Cincinnati 513-242-4401


Who do I call to rent a trash toter (small dumpster)?

Call Rumpke's Customer Service Department at 859-472-7339.


How do I participate in the Recycling Program?

Recycle bins are supplied at the City Building.  They are available for pick up Monday – Friday 7:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.  There is a limit of 2 recycling containers per household.  Recycle items are picked up on the same day as trash.


How do I dispose of paint cans?

Open the cans to allow the paint to dry out.  If there is too much paint, you can    add cat litter to the paint to help with the drying process.  All paint must be dried out prior to disposal.  When placing them out for trash collection, leave the lid loose, so they can be easily checked.


What is the Payroll Tax percentage?

1.15% - Up to the F.I.C.A. maximum, Kenton County Treasurer's handles paperwork associated with the tax for the City of Fort Wright.  You may contact the Treasurer's office at 859-392-1440.


Do I need a Business License?

If your business is located within the City of Fort Wright, or if you are working within the City, you must have at least a City License.  A countywide license will also cover your working within the City limits, if Fort Wright is listed on the license.


How do I obtain a Business License?

You can apply for the Business License by filling out an Occupational License Application.  These can be obtained in person at the Treasurer's Office at 303 Court Street or by calling (859) 392-1440, to have one sent to you.  You may also obtain a copy of the license at  We also have applications available at the City Office.


What are the costs associated with a business license?

All new businesses or businesses which have not previously applied for a Home Occupation Zoning Permit must do so for a fee of $50.00.  A business is considered as operating from a residence if they are seeing clients in their home, if they receive direct phone calls to the residence, or if they receive business related packages at the residence.  This application must be applied for through Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission.  You may contact them at 859-331-8980

The Occupational License which you must obtain from the County has a yearly fee, for the City of Fort Wright the fee is $50.00.  To obtain a Kenton County license which will be good for all cities in Kenton County, the cost is $225.00  A link to the website is found under "Departments, Occupational Licensing".  Forms are located under "Document Center"


Do I need a permit to have a garage / yard sale?

Yes, there is no fee, but a permit must be obtained.  There is also a limit of 2 sales per residence per year.


Where can I put signs up?

Only 1 sign may be placed on your property.  No directional signs are permitted, and no signs can be placed on any property other than your own, even with a neighbor's permission.


How do I change or delete a name from my deed, (For example: If a spouse is deceased)?

Call the Kenton County Property Valuation Office at 859-392-1750 or go to the Courthouse at 303 Court Street to request the information to be changed.


I locked my keys in my car, will the police come to unlock the car?

Yes, however you must sign a release of liabilty.  The officer may or may not be able to get into your vehicle if not we recommend you call a locksmith, AAA (if you're a member), or a tow company.  Please call the non-emergency dispatch number for this service at 859-356-3191.

Police and/or fire personnel will always assist with gaining access In extreme circumstances, such as a child or animal locked in the vehicle or the person within the vehicle suffering any type of trauma or medical condition.


How do I obtain a dog license and tags?

You veterinarian can provide the tags and assist in registering your pet.


What number do I call for Driver's License or Vehicle Plate Renewal?

For License Renewal 859-292-6579

For License or Title 859-392-1651

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