James A. Ramage Civil War Museum

Education Programs

In 2009, the Museum began offering educational programs. These focus on social studies and will fulfill core content requirements in Government and Civics, Cultures & Societies, Economics, Geography and Historical Perspectives. Each of the programs will be available at the Museum, lasting approximately one hour and 15 minutes, followed by a tour of the Museum and, weather permitting, Battery Hooper. The maximum number of students per class is 30; the minimum is 15 for booking a program. If a class or group is larger than 30 students, numerous programs can be booked.  There is a nominal charge of $3.00 per student for each program.
The Children's Civil War. This program focuses solely on how children's lives in both the North and the South were affected by the Civil War.  This is a very engaging program, giving students a chance to relate how their lives today vary so much from their Civil War era ancestors. Imagine telling students about the daily chores and general welfare of African-American slave children.  Inquire about what sort of chores children do today and compare them with the chores children were responsible for during the war. Students' faces after learning they were responsible for dumping the chamber pots are unforgettable.  Talk about fashion, have little girls try on a hoop skirt and ask them if they see any dangers in wearing this type of skirt, do they like it?  Have little boys try to put old fashioned suspenders on and see their reactions. The goal of the program is to allow students the opportunity to learn about the lifestyles and the roles that children played during the Civil War.  Discover the sacrifices that had to be made, and explore their daily home life and rediscover what it would be like to observe the warfront in your own backyard.
A Civil War Soldier's Daily Life. This program focuses on three areas of Civil War soldiers' daily life: some of the problems they faced, the items they carried, and ways they relaxed.  This program focuses on generalities and the problems and relaxation methods discussed are only some of the problems that they faced and some of the ways that they relaxed.  Through this program, you will help students understand that just as each of them is a unique person each Civil War soldier had different fears, ways to relax, and items that he carried.  Through hands-on activities, students will have the chance to determine what foods soldiers ate, how unsanitary camp conditions could be, and much more.

If you are interested in finding out more about a program or booking a program, please contact:  

Arden L. Steffen, Education Chair
James A. Ramage Civil War Museum
409 Kyles Lane
Fort Wright, Kentucky 41011


Pre and post visit guides will be available to teachers upon booking.  All programs must be booked no less than eight weeks in advance of the proposed program date.

History of City Illustrated at Fort Wright Elementary

This painted mural in the parking lot at Fort Wright Elementary School on Farrell Drive tells the story of Fort Wright during the Siege of Cincinnati in the Civil War.  It was painted by Fort Wright resident and artist Karen Tindall, based on the impressions and ideas of fifth graders who visited the James A. Ramage Civil War Museum, led by teachers Ms. Lipps and Ms. Lange.  The mural depicts the City's namesake, General Horatio Wright, and General Lew Wallace, the Black Brigade of Cincinnati, and the pontoon bridge constructed over the Ohio River in 48 hours to help mount the defense in Northern Kentucky. 

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